Have you tried Amazon EC2 Cloud Services? It’s free! Here is the speed test I did!

Have you tried Amazon EC2 Cloud Services? It’s free! Here is the speed test I did!

Amazon EC2 with speedtest.net

I have white out the IP address, to prevent spam and hackers ūüėõ

This test is from Singapore Amazon EC2 Cloud to Singapore Test Site, basically I am exploring using EC2 for some of my customer who wants to go cloud.  Pretty satisfying experience.

Now, let’s get down to it, I will go through briefly how to set up EC2

Step 1: Sign Up Account

The exact name is called Amazon Web Services, head down to http://aws.amazon.com now.

On the Top Right Corner, go ahead and Sign Up, if you are already a Amazon Customer, you can use the same login.¬† You need to enter your credit card number, don’t worry, they will not charge you unless to exceed their free usage tier.¬† You can click on the “Learn more about the AWS Free Tier” to understand better.

Note that you have to go through phone verification as well, so please enter a phone number that you readily have access to.

Step 2: Log On your new account

Once you are done with the registration, login to your new account.  Select EC2

Step 3: Select Server Location

On the top left hand corner, select the location you’re in.¬† Or where your target audience is the most dense!

Step 4: Create new Instance (create new Virtual Machine)

Then, click on the  EC2 Launch Instance button.

Create a new instance as per the screenshot, you will need to create a new key.  Please select those server with the STAR , that is the FREE instance, while those without the STAR will need you to pay for it!

EC2 New Instance

I strongly suggest that you use the default Amazon Instance instead of the community Instances, I have tried with the community instance, not as smooth install as the Amazon ones.¬† Unless you know what you’re doing, trust me! :)

Step 5: Login to your new server!

Once done, you can right click on your instance and connect!  Depending on which OS instance you created, you can SSH or RDP to your server with the easy instruction from the connect.

Congrats! You are now in the cloud! Happy configuring your server instance!

Crafting Gems worth it?

Is it worth to craft gems?

I have been wondering for a while is it worth to craft a Radiant Star Gem from gems that we find while farming. I shall do some calculation so that we can all see at which point we should just buy from the Auction Hall.

Let’s start with a few assumption:

1) All gems we find are only “Square” gems, while “Flawless Square” is just a bonus, not taken into this calculation. We will use Ruby for this examples.
2) All gems and books (Tome of Jewelcrafting & Tome of Secrets)found are at it’s selling price to NPC.
3) All Jewel Designs are found and learned up to Radiant Star. (meaning free)

Square Ruby price: 46 gold
Tome of Jewelcrafting price: 43 gold
Tome of Secrets price: 51 gold

Step 1: You need 2 Square Ruby with 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting and 100 gold to craft 1 Flawless Square Ruby, totalling the cost 46+46+43+100 = 235 gold

Step 2: You need 3 Flawless Square Ruby with 3 Tome of Secrets and 30,000 gold to craft 1 Perfect Square Ruby, totalling the cost (235×3)+(51×3)+30000 = 30,858 gold

Step 3: You need 3 Perfect Square Ruby with 6 Tome of Secrets and 50,000 gold to craft 1 Radiant Square Ruby, totalling the cost (30858×3)+(51×6)+50000 = 142,880 gold

Step 4: You need 3 Radiant Square Ruby with 9 Tome of Secrets and 80,000 gold to craft 1 Star Ruby, totalling the cost (142880×3)+(51×9)+80000 = 509,099 gold

Step 5: You need 3 Star Ruby with 12 Tome of Secrets and 100,000 gold to craft 1 Flawless Star Ruby, totalling the cost (509099×3)+(51×12)+100000 = 1,627,909 gold

Step 6: You need 3 Flawless Star Ruby with 15 Tome of Secrets and 200,000 gold to craft 1 Perfect Star Ruby, totalling the cost (1627909×3)+(51×15)+200000 = 5,084,492 gold

Step 7: You need 3 Perfect Star Ruby with 20 Tome of Secrets and 400,000 gold to craft 1 Radiant Star Ruby, totalling the cost (5084492×3)+(51×20)+400000 = 15,654,496 gold

In Conclusion, if you find the price is lower than Auction Hall, it worth while to craft, while price higher, just buy from Auction Hall!

Flawless Square Ruby 235 gold
Perfect Square Ruby 30,858 gold
Radiant Square Ruby 142,880 gold
Star Ruby 509,099 gold
Flawless Star Ruby 1,627,909 gold
Perfect Star Ruby 5,084,492 gold
Radiant Star Ruby 15,654,496 gold

Diablo 3 Life on Hit – How it works?

After much research, testing and forum readings.

This is how “Life on Hit” works, Blizzard should have changed it to “Life on Attack”!

Basically the life gain is based on the attack rate you have per second. Meaning that if your attack per second is 1.5, you basically get 1.5 times the life on hit per second. In short, it’s life on attacks. If you are using skills that has many hits per attack, the gain is still only once per attack!

With this information, you can now calculate if you prefer Life Regeneration per second or Life on Hit or Life Leech!

Happy building/rebuilding your life leeching character! ūüėČ

Diablo 3 Caps (Maximum)

There are couple of diablo 3 caps after 1.04 patch.  I will list down a couple, will add in more as time goes by.

Movement Speed – Cap at 25% maximum

Bonus to Gold/Globe radius – Cap at 49 yards maximum

Magic Find/Gold Find – Cap at 300% maximum*

For MF & GF, there’s something special about it, the 300% maximum caps is only applicable to your own equipments + paragon bonus.¬† This means that you can get higher than 300%.

1) Follower bonus, you can get another 28% (with 40% on Amulet, 18% on 2 rings, 20% on Shield and 45% on Sun Keeper)  For Sorcerer, you can use The Grand Vizier.

2) Nephalem Valor, each NV gives you 15%, maximum 5 NV will give you 75%.

In short, you probably can get near 400% total Magic Find in a solo game!

Happy Farming!

Samsung S3 ICS Android Email & Message Count differs from actual!

Just got my new Samsung S3 yesterday, first thing I did (as all techies would) was to update to the latest firmware, sync your emails/contacts/calendar, download apps and get it started.

Just then, I notice that after I read my emails, the home screen icon still showing unread mails!¬† as do the SMS messages.¬† So I did google a bit to find out what’s wrong.¬† Honestly, nothing really works other than this post that tell you reset to factory default.¬† Since it was new, why not give that a shot.¬† That solves it!

For those not sure how to do a reset, just go to your phone dial and key this in:


Wait patiently, it will reset to factory default.

SATA3 SSD Freezes intermittently on Macbook Pro

Just installed a Crucial m4 256GB SSD on my Macbook Pro 13″. ¬†I join my MacOS X Lion onto the network. ¬†And then, it started freezing intermittently while using. ¬†Puzzles me at first, so I disjoin the network, did varies tests. ¬†Finally I found the problem lies on the SATA3 SSD with the intel board. Here are the steps I did to get it solved.

1) Upgrade to your latest SSD firmware.  For Crucial, you can find the firmware from this link:


Click on support then SSD, you will find download firmware. ¬†For Macbook, you got to download the CD image and then burn into CD. ¬†Reboot with CD inserted and hold on to “C” key while booting up to let it boot from CD.

2) Enable Trim.  To make it simple, just download the Trim Enabler from this link:


Install and then just enable Trim

3) Set HDAPM (Hard Disk Advance Power Management) to minimum.  Download the hack from this link:


After you install, open Terminal (use Spotlight to find if you don’t know where is it), then run the following command:

sudo hdapm disk0 min

Leave the Terminal open, you need it for step 4.

4) Disable SMS (Sudden Motion Sensor). run the following command:

sudo pmset -a sms 0


After you have done all these, you can say goodbye to the spinning rainbow beach ball!  Cheers!