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Hi All,

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Some people call blog a public diary and some call it live journal. Whatever it is called, I treat this as taking notes on my experiences. One day I will grow old and may be senile, this may provide me some memories and this may help others solve problems, answer their questions and hopefully everyone can learn something from my experiences.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lionel Koh, born in the year of 1972. I am married with 2 lovely daughters. I started working at the age of 21, been in various industry, however, the key job scope was mainly Sales and Information Technology. Finally, in 2006, I join venture with a good friend of mine, and formed System Overdrive Pte Ltd, my job scope, Sales, Information Technology, exactly what I had experience since I was 21 years old. I have wide spectrum of skill sets in IT industry, I dare say I am a very rare techie who knows Unix, Linux, Windows, MacOS, wide range of programming languages, web, application and even mobile development. I have great management skills, strong understanding of businesses and very sharp and meticulous in accounting. Okay, I know, sounds a bit obnoxious but after nearly 20 years of working experience, I believe anyone would have been like this too :)

My past time is playing computer games. Of course, being a family man, my time is split into Family, Work, Play (games). I will posting my experience mainly on my work and play.

Thank you for reading this page, I hope you enjoy this website and have a great day ahead!

Yours sincerely,

Lionel Koh

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