Diablo 3 Caps (Maximum)

There are couple of diablo 3 caps after 1.04 patch.  I will list down a couple, will add in more as time goes by.

Movement Speed – Cap at 25% maximum

Bonus to Gold/Globe radius – Cap at 49 yards maximum

Magic Find/Gold Find – Cap at 300% maximum*

For MF & GF, there’s something special about it, the 300% maximum caps is only applicable to your own equipments + paragon bonus.  This means that you can get higher than 300%.

1) Follower bonus, you can get another 28% (with 40% on Amulet, 18% on 2 rings, 20% on Shield and 45% on Sun Keeper)  For Sorcerer, you can use The Grand Vizier.

2) Nephalem Valor, each NV gives you 15%, maximum 5 NV will give you 75%.

In short, you probably can get near 400% total Magic Find in a solo game!

Happy Farming!